Our Core Values

To be a Wefarmer means having confidence in your own unique abilities. It also signifies alignment with our existing cultural values. We look for talent whose own values resonate with ours. In order to  create a new digital ecosystem for global agriculture that favours smallholder farmers - we’ve learned that we need team members who display a high level of integrity, confidence, daring, accountability and collaboration. Read on for a more in-depth sense of who we are and how we work at Wefarm.



Make their Trust deserved

Our farmers are our reason for being. Their best interests are always at the heart of our decision-making processes. At Wefarm, we strive daily to make their trust in us deserved. This means working hard to put the quality of our service first. We truly believe that the only way to build sustainable trust from our customers is to maintain the highest quality of service for them as is humanly possible. And, once we gain trust, our mission is to keep it. Our desire to build and honour trust also extends to our colleagues, partners, investors, and customers.


Be bold & Surprise Yourself

Wefarmers are creative, bold, and unafraid to think outside of the box. We are passionate about new ideas and love pushing ourselves to greater heights of achievement. As a start-up operating around the world, we are faced with near constant challenges, confusion and new situations – but we confront it all with courage and entrepreneurship. We confront our fear head-on and channel it into creativity and excitement.


Own it & Get it Done

We thrive in a startup environment and have an internal drive to work efficiently and effectively. Working on tight timelines, often and with shoestring budgets, we embrace the lean startup methodology - iterate often, fail quickly, learn, and go again. This doesn’t mean that we sacrifice the quality of our work. We aim for excellence in everything we do and strive to be in the top 1% of startups that make it.


Collaborate, Share & Build Together

At Wefarm, we are all committed to building a new reality for the world’s smallholder farmers - together. From our most recent hire to our CEO, we all work together, helping each other to achieve greater success, because we know that when one of us succeeds, we all win. We share learnings, collaborate across departments, enable transparency and build consensus wherever it is needed. We let people in. We are welcoming and we appreciate one another.