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Samburu, Kenya Judith wants to know:

How can i protect my chicks from dyng?

Lodwar, Kenya Thuo recommends:

Vaccinate the chicks, protect them from cold and too much heat and then give them chick mash.

Nakuru, Kenya Patrick wants to know:

After how many days should i repeat deworming cattle?

Kerugoya / Kutus, Kenya Dickson recommends:

Three months (90 days)

Kabarnet, Kenya tushabe wants to know:

What Can I do To Prevent My Tomatoes From Disease

Embu , Kenya ismael recommends:

Diseases in tomatoes can be prevented by doing good land preparation use of certified seeds choosing correct ecological zone for growing tomatoes avoid very cold places.

Tharaka-Nithi , Kenya Darrell wants to know:

Shold One Alternate Sukuma Wiki With Tomatoes In Consecutive Seasons?

Bomet, Kenya Moses recommends:

absolutely coz they dont belong in the same family

Trans Nzoia, Kenya Samuel wants to know:

How often should I irrigate my tomatoes in this dry spell?

Narok, Kenya Mario recommends:

In the morning and evening to avoid blossom end rot

Vihiga, Kenya Benard wants to know:

Which feeds shall i give a milk cow

Wote, Kenya thuo recommends:

Give a dairy cow atleast 10% of weight in dry matter e.g if a cow is 300 kgs give it 30 kg dry matter(hay), Mix it with legumes like desmodium and lucerne. Clean Water should be available through out . Also provide mineral salt licks for the cow to lick on.

Siaya, Kenya Judith wants to know:

How can i protect my chicks from dyng?

Lodwar, Kenya thuo recommends:

Vaccinate the chicks, protect them from cold and too much heat and then give them chick mash.

Samburu, Kenya Grace wants to know:


Baringo, Kenya Tumwebaze recommends:

The problem is that those hens lack of calcium in their body. they need to be fed with foods containing some crashed borns and greens.

Laikipia, Kenya Peter wants to know:

What is the best remedy for cannibalism in Kienyeji chicken

Lamu , Kenya Monica recommends:

Debeaking, proper nutrition, correct space especially if they are crowding.

Eldoret, Kenya Sammy wants to know:

HOW CAN U INCREASE CROP PRODUCTION with current challenges of global warming?

Hola, Kenya Monica recommends:

Practice agricultural activities that help in conserving the environment and resources like water. Instead of using fertilisers to fertilise crops use well decomposed manures that help the soil to retain water for use by plants thus increased productivity.

Isiolo , Kenya Bob wants to know:

Which Is The Best Bean Variety To Plant For The Short Rains?

Eldoret, Kenya Agnes recommends:


Eldoret, Kenya Antonio wants to know:

When planting kales using irrigation method, how should I water my plants?

Kakamega, Kenya thuo recommends:

if there is plenty of water use overhead irrigation like sprinkler as it controls insects like aphids but if water is a challenge use drip irrigation. water twice a day in the morning and evening when there is enough water in water shortage water during the evening.

Marsabit, Kenya James wants to know:

How Can I Control Blossom End Rot In Tomatoes?

Homa Bay, Kenya thuo recommends:

Blossom end rot is not a disease but a disorder that can be controlled by practicing regular watering, use of calcium rich fertilsers and maintaining soil pH around 6 to 6.5. If it dries always ensure that the tomatoes are well watered.

Migori, Kenya Zeddy wants to know:

How do i treat mastitis?

Kajiado, Kenya KIPRONO recommends:

treat clinical mastitis using mastrite from Coopers.To identify mastitis early, feel the walls of the plastic container with your fingers & if it is slimy then the cow has sub clinical mastitis. Treat subclinical mastitis simply by applying clay on the teats.

Maralal, Kenya Dorcas wants to know:

Which type of of feed can I give small chicks of one to three weeks?

Lodwar, Kenya Victoria recommends:

LAYERS: 0-8wks old-chick mash, 8-20 wks old-follow up mash, 20-72 wks- layers mash. BROILERS: 0-4 wks old starter mash,4 wks onwards- follow up mash.

Kwale , Kenya Wence wants to know:

What are major and common diseases that rabbits face?

Laikipia, Kenya BENEDICT recommends:

major rabbit diseases are coccidiosis, ear canker, pneumonia and gastro-intestinal complication mainly arising from feeding especially if feed on fresh green plants(causes bloating). Prevent this by practising good management,observe hygiene and buy good breeds.

Siaya, Kenya Paul wants to know:

Which type of plants are needed near the bee hives?

Elgeyo-Marakwet, Kenya Richard recommends:

Paul the trees around au hives should be those which produce more flowers and more necter.

Ntungamo, Uganda SAPHIRA wants to know:

What causes hail storms for example in ntungamo we had a hail storm yesterday?

Bomet, Kenya NICKSON recommends:

The Higher U Go The Cooler It Becomes, cool Water Condenses Due To High Temp On Earth And Too Cold At Cloud Causes Condensed Water To Fall As Hail Due To Incomplete Proces From Solid To Liquid.

Tharaka-Nithi , Kenya Kenneth wants to know:

What is docking?

Kakamega, Kenya Alexdennis recommends:

Is the cutting of the lambs tail at the age of 1 to 2 weeks old

Wote, Kenya Kevin wants to know:

What does hens waste products provide crops with?

Nairobi, Kenya Dickson recommends:

Chicken waste products adds organic matter and increases the water holding capacity and beneficial biota in soil. Also they provides Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium to you plants.

Kabarnet, Kenya Alfred wants to know:

How Can I Control Rust In Maize?

Nyamira, Kenya Annet recommends:

Practice close season. crop rotation practice field hygiene.

Kapsabet, Kenya Sam wants to know:

How can a farmer improves da sandy soil vertilities?

Wote, Kenya Kennedy recommends:

Apply manure and plough to mix it with sandy soil.

Ol Kalou, Kenya Collins wants to know:

What is the maximum number of eggs will i give to the chicken to Hatch??

Maralal, Kenya Kevin recommends:

Number of eggs depends on the size of the chicken and the broodery but maximum should be 15.

Eldoret, Kenya Joseph wants to know:

Why do some hens lay undeveloped eggs?

Kiambu, Kenya Elijah recommends:

Due luck of calcium ions in there feeds.

Murang'a , Kenya Maulyne wants to know:

Is rotten maize flour suitable for dairy cattle.?

Kitui , Kenya koech recommends:

No it contain aflactoxin.

Kakamega, Kenya Ezekiel wants to know:

At what height should maize plant be topdressed?

Lamu , Kenya Noel recommends:

The first top dressing is done when the maize is knee high and later before flowering.

Kakamega, Kenya wIsley wants to know:

What can i do to this cutwombs,they ar destrying my young beans.I need a tip?

Uasin Gishu, Kenya Cherotich recommends:

Befort u plant ur beans u can use seed treatment called apron+star/insecticide to protect insect pests nd soil borne diseases in beans.

Marsabit, Kenya Thomas wants to know:

am thrw with ploughing now with this rain wat can i plant now?

Trans Nzoia, Kenya CECILIA recommends:


Marsabit, Kenya Protus wants to know:

please advise on the right spacing for beans

Mombasa , Kenya Monica recommends:

It depends on the bean variety that you have. Normal range is 15 cm from plant to plant and 30-40 cm from row to row. The climate of the area also affects the spacing. For dry places use wider spacing and vice versa for high potential areas.

Elgeyo-Marakwet, Kenya Symon wants to know:

Wen a cow is on heat, how many hours should not pass b4 its served?

Laikipia, Kenya Caroline recommends:

Heat period lasts for 17 to 30 hours hence the cow should be served from the 10th to 18th hour when ovulation as taken place.The oestrus circle is 19 to 21 days.


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